Full visualizations

The component visualizations for oscillators, filters, envelopes and LFOs are now ready. The real DSP elements are used in the GUI to provide a realistic rendering of the component output. For oscillators and lfos a single wavecycle is shown and for envelopes a scaled envelope cycle from attack to finish is drawn.

For the filters fftw is used to calculate the FFT of the filter impulse response and a scaled version of the power spectrum is then drawn. I have yet to test if the FFT calculation is fast enough, but it looks quite decent.

In addition to the component visualizations, labels with knob values have been added. Now the exact values of all the ports are visible in the UI. It makes the UI a bit more crowded, but is hopefully more useful then the browser approach of ElectraX. The knob + name + value combination is also used in Curve.

Here is a screenshot



3 thoughts on “Full visualizations

  1. looks really good. I’m excited to hear it. Just a personal thing, but I think I’d prefer the oscillator 2 & 4 labels be left of the container, just for consistency, but its your design (and its already way better than anything I’ll do ;). You could also have a compact version where the Oscillators and filters are tabbed like the bottom row modules.

    • Thanks for your input! I will consider changing the label positions. Concerning a compact version I am considering to show only 2 oscillators and 2 filters and make the other two oscillators available via tabbing. That way the UI is optimized for editing of two oscillators.

      I am also considering to use something like in Synthmaster for the modulation matrix http://www.macosxaudio.com/front/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/KV331-Audio-SynthMaster.jpg What do you think?

      • That link says I’m unauthorized to view, but googling it shows me screenshots. The modulation doesn’t seem much different than what you show above. Seems straightforward enough and also compact enough to not overwhelm users without putting unnecessary constraints on modulation routing.

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